Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers day gifts- a reveal

I think all of our Mother's Day gifts have now reached their destination. I can finally share full pictures. Since I was visiting with two of my three sisters I brought them mother's day gifts. equal opportunity here. We had a happy mother's day to all possible future mothers.

There were a few car trash bags. I took lots of photos as I made them and plan to work up a tutorial soon.

This was the first, slightly messed up one that I ended up keeping for myself.

My mom requested a pin cushion bag after seeing mine.

There was also a lot of kid art embroidery at our house. The kids drew pictures and I stitched them onto fabric for wall hangings. You could use the fabric to sew totes or about anything. I recently saw some really pretty pillows that I hope to make a set of.

This one is for a grandma that has a bird bathroom. This however appears to be part bird, part butterfly.

This one is for a grandma too. I asked Lou what grandma really liked. He said that grandma really liked grandpa. Lou drew a picture of grandpa fishing and Bee added a flower and butterfly. Lou's drawings are just recently really getting good!

This is one of my favorites. Bee said this is Grandma as a ballerina.

Bee is working on stitching one of her own. It's taking a long time but is really pretty good. Luke wanted to do some of his own too.

I kept this one for myself. It's a family portrait by Lou. It hangs next to the one Bee did not too long back. I have three eyes, I suppose it's so I can keep an eye on my crazy kids.

I didn't share on that previous post about how I finished up the back and I had a few people ask. There is probably a nicer way to do it, but this is what I did to the edges. I just trimmed them up and hot glued them to the back inside of the hoop.

We had several neighborhood friends working on similar mother's day gifts. Not all of them are done, but they are looking really nice. I was impressed when the 10 year old neighbor started hes and then super impressed with the 8 year old being able to do it. Bee (4) and other younger neighbor (5) are not doing too bad either. Better than I expected for sure.

Hope you enjoyed a Happy Mother's Day as a mother, as a future mother or as someone with a mother. Equal opportunity here.


Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed the items you sent our way. Very creative.

Love Always,

grandma said...

Your sewing class seems to be really enjoying the get together. There was a lot of love sent out by little hands. Thanks.

01 09 10