Saturday, May 22, 2010

A neighborhood of Mothers Day gifts

So back closer to Mother's Day, I mentioned that we had several neighborhood girls working on projects at our house. It was so fun working on these with them.

We selected hoops, then traced them on paper. They drew little pictures in the circles.

I traced their pictures onto muslin.

They selected from my stash of embroidery floss- acquired at a garage sale for a seriously low price. seriously low. They might not have know what was in the gallon bag because it was so ridiculously low.
When we first started, I thought just the 5th grader would be able to do it. Her stitches were really good!

Then the 2nd grader wanted to join. She wasn't bad either.

Finally the kindergartener got it. I was really surprised with how quickly they all caught onto sewing with a back stitch. This silly gal pulled her needle off the thread with each pass through the fabric. It was a lengthy process with me re-threading it repeatedly.

Of course Bee had to start one too. Her stitches weren't bad either. She struggled with going from front to back. She wanted to always poke from the front. Her thread got wrapped around and around the edge of the hoop.

We were only able to work on it for a few minutes each time. After that all the sitting still and concentrating after a long day of school got to them and the swing set seemed a better choice.

The next ones I make for myself are going to be pillows! I saw this lovely one here at Noodleheads. My couch pillows could sure use some love'n.


Melissa said...

How do you trace it onto the muslin? Just tape it to a window or something? I'd like to do this in the boy's room. Love the idea!

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