Tuesday, May 18, 2010

adventures in garage sales

It was our turn this week. Our neighbors brought things over and we all set up on Saturday for a garage sale. There were some pretty good deals. Bee made out pretty well. We chose things from her room and priced them herself. She did need a disclaimer on her table say that she did her own pricing. She sold sugar cookies that we made the evening before and when those sold out she sold kettle corn. Next time we will know we need 3 batches of cookies.

She was an aggressive sales person. You can do that when you're 4. She chased someone down to the street. They did buy and he seemed to enjoy the cookies.


grandma said...

I hope I live to see that child grow up. What did Luke do?

Anonymous said...

I would expect nothing else from Bee---another Anderson trait she has come by honest. Anyone can buy things. Selling is somthing else.

Love Always,

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