Thursday, May 6, 2010

a girls weekend!

This post is so long over due. It's been at least two weekends ago, maybe three... oops. I went to my friends wedding shower recently. These are my good buddies from college (minus one in FL and one in TX). We all don't get together that often but it's so good when we do! It sounds like we will ALL be at the wedding. The one in the pretty gray and white dress is the bride.

After the shower we drove in downtown Indy for dinner.

Driving downtown is so out of my league (even though I lived in this town for 5 years!). Thankfully, my friends know me well enough to know this and nanny me around, letting me follow them and they stay on the phone with me. I usually end up managing to get turned around. I did this time too.

I had a 4 hour drive home, so I left after dinner. The others had plans to stay out a bit later. Had I stayed, I don't think I would have posted those pictures anyway. During dinner, we made a list of 10 things the bride-to-be had to do that evening. I might have done one. I would have been no fun. Thank goodness I'm already safely married.

Bee was so mad that she couldn't go to this event. She has been looking forward to the wedding since the save the date card came. I did manage to convince her that she didn't need to leave her dress laying out until then.

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Anonymous said...

I know Bee is eager for the wedding. Will we get to play ring berry again? I think today is your party. Hopefully something is blooming in your yard.

01 09 10