Tuesday, May 25, 2010

calling all gardeners and pest control agents

I have wedding pictures to share, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. Something crazy is going on in the garden! Here is the zucchini. All of the zucchini are like this and most of the cucumbers are getting there. What in the world? It also seems to be on the acorn squash, but not as bad yet. I can't see what's doing this.... although this weekend, they had a feast.

There seems to be a small worm that likes the cauliflower and broccoli, but I'm all over him! I think I'm on top of him enough and am not worried really.

Other than that total destruction.... things are going well. We are eating snow peas by the handfull. There are new little tomatoes showing everyday. I have to remind Lou not to pick them. We lost a few little green ones before he caught on.

Look at the broccoli go. I see it in there now.

Another interesting note, I noticed out by the compost pile today, there are about a dozen tomato plants and a few cucumbers coming out of nowhere. We'll see what happens. Maybe the little bugs won't find them.

Lou also needs reminded not to pick the blueberries.

So, back to the destruction. What's a girl to do? I haven't used any spray up to this point, but I'm not wanting to loose the whole plant, which is what's going to happen.

EDITED TO ADD: This is what I used today. A fast thinking neighbor stepped in. We'll see if it works for whatever is in my garden. It says it's for organic gardens and is made from seaweed. We'll give it a shot.


Sarah said...

I'm not sure what it is but my neighbor who is the gardening guru on our block recommended sprinkling garlic powder on my plants to keep bugs away. I found garlic powder at my dollar store too.

Amanda A. said...

I had the same problem last year--made sure all the bugs were off the plants and covered them with row covers. didn't use hoops or anything, just laid the cloth over them and put rocks on it to hold them down...i have TONS if you want me to mail you some or you can buy it on eBay sometimes or gardener's supply online.

Anonymous said...

I like Sarah's idea. It will also keep vampires away. I know that you don't want to use anything but I think you need to. I would put a leaf in a ziplock bag and go to Lowes etc. I'd show it to one of the staff to get the right stuff.

Love Always,

Karen said...

Have you heard of companion planting? Its planting other species next to one another and certain plants like marigolds help keep the bugs away. I saw something on a gardening show once but obviously can't remember the specifics but I am sure the internet will give you some info about this.

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