Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ta-da! Butterflies!

Our ladies made an appearance last week (it's probably been two weeks at this point). It took roughly 20 days from the time we got the caterpillars to the day we released them. (also see here)

The chrysalis turn dark about 24 hours before the butterflies 'hatch' out. Here only one remains.

The girls spend the next several hours stretching and letting their wings dry out and get strong.

We were all interested.

They need to eat about 24 hours after they 'hatch.' The black thing you see is her 'tounge'. Thats how they drink up all of their food.

When you have a basket of butterflies, you are a popular girl.

Bee prepares for the big release.

They did not want to leave. Kiwi and Strawberries, that's why. They won't get that on the outside.

The booklet says you can leave them in the net for their 2-4 week life span. Seems sad to me. They have a chance to lay eggs if you release them. They won't do that in captivity.

Sometimes you need a little help.

We sure had a fun time with this project. I think we'll do it again next year.

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