Wednesday, May 5, 2010

next quilt- make that two

I've been wanting to make a butterfly quilt. Something with lots of white with soft colored butterflies flying across. I decided to start this week. I didn't have much of a plan. I saw something similar once and the butterflies were zig zagged on to the quilt top. I wanted mine to have finished edges. I decided to do an applique technique.

My neighbor Abbey let me use her fancy cricut machine. I cut out several large butterflies to trace.
I traced them onto iron on webbing and then ironed that onto scraps of fabrics. I'm calling this quilt my 'free' quilt since everything in it is scrap. The butterflies are scraps borrowed from my neighbor.

I machine sewed the butterflies onto muslin fabric

then cut them out and tore off the paper backing

and flipped them right side out. They got a good ironing.

This is sort of what I'm thinking.

Now they all just need sewn on by hand. When it's tine to quilt, I'm thinking I will use the free motion foot, but try to make swirls like this...

This quilt is sized a little smaller than a crib quilt. It would maybe be sized for a larger baby floor blanket. It doesn't have an intended home. Not yet anyway.

I stumbled across this quilt along already in progress. I'm going to join in after the butterfly quilt. Hopefully I can get a friend or two to join in! It's from Obsessively Stitching. (Michelle- this would be a fun one for this summer!)

I updated yesterdays post with a video!


Sarah said...

I feel like I just saw a quilt like this but can't find it. It's going to be so cute!

Beth- the mama bee said...

we probably saw the same one. It was recently, but didn't save it because I didn't' think I'd make one.

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

I'm thinking of making my first quilt this year as a birthday gift for the ManDork. I'm feeling intimidated but I think he'd really like it. I'm planning on doing a Zelda quilt. It shouldn't be difficult since those old NES images are all 8-bit. It'll just be a matter of cutting squares in the right colors and arranging them correctly.

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