Thursday, May 27, 2010

another gift I want to keep

It wouldn't do me much good to keep this pajama set for myself though. They are about a size 6 girls. Bee is going to a little birthday party for a little gal from her preschool class. It's at the children's museum so that should be fun. This flannel is from a tub of fabric my mom sent over.

Bee helped me select a picture from the scene on the flannel and I made that into an applique. The sheep on the shirt is made from flannel and jersey knit, just stuff I had on hand. The edges of the flannel with fray a little, but I think that will look cute. There is talk of a zipper pouch in this style, you know for her over night essentials, but we'll see. This is Lou's birthday weekend and I have a few things to do before company comes.

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Anonymous said...

Are these PJs? At first, I thought she was wearing it to the museum. It seemed a little warm, but then what do I know. Very cute.

Love Always,

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