Sunday, May 9, 2010

just like riding a bike

Bee: I want to learn to ride my bike with no training wheels
Me: does this have anything to do with your friend borrowing your bike when she's over?
Bee: I just want to learn. Take those training wheels off!

We drove to our church parking lot. It's huge.

Luke shows off his pedaling skills.

Here we go!

You can do this daddy.

Balance.... balance.....
Bee: Wait, don't let go!
Maybe mom can give it a try. Brian teased me so bad about my skirt and shoe combination. I needed to be able to run with her bike and I wasn't changing clothes.

Mom went too fast for Bee and daddy's taste. It's daddy's turn again.

Bee: so, can we put them back on for a little while?

Bee: Let's try again tomorrow!

She didn't quiet get it, but she is determined. We will be getting it soon!


Anonymous said...

Her helmet is almost as large as her. lol

She's pretty young to take off training wheels, but as determined as she is, she'll probably do it earlier than her friends.

Happy Mother's day!

Love Always,

grandma said...

I believe there is a story about Uncle Dave and training wheels.

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