Friday, July 22, 2011

birthday party icecream hint

I'm sure I read it somewhere.  I've been reading a bunch of magazines this summer while the kids are swimming, so it was probably in whatever random magazine I've stolen borrowed from the recycling place.  But, I tried out this icecream trick at Bee's birthday party and it was a great time saver. 

Scoop out icecream into individual servings a few hours before the party and then freeze them on a tray or in a 9x13.  When you are ready to serve, the scooping is done.  No thawing, scooping as quickly as you can while everyone waits.  I just spooned them into the waffle bowls and we were on our way.  However, if we didn't have a second freezer, I would have had to borrow my neighbors.  This method takes up some space in the freezer.

But it sure made our icecream sundaes come together quickly.   Bee doesn't care for cake as much as she likes icecream with toppings so we went that directions for her party.  For toppings, we had strawberry jam/syrup, chocolate syrup (recipe from Heavenly Homemaker), skittles (because my sister had a coupon), chocolate chips, sprinkles, cherries, and whipped cream. It was real cream that was whipped.  The kids were a little weird-ed out by it and I ate some myself that night.  I are more than I should.  A lot more than I should have.

 I didn't get many pictures from her party since I was in and out of the pool myself and way hands and the camera are not friends.

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