Thursday, July 28, 2011

couch skirt

Another new skirt.

I picked this fabric up at a church yard sale back in May for less than $1.  It's loud and bossy and I knew right away I wanted a skirt out of it.  It's a thicker (and admittedly a little scratchy) fabric.  I suspect it was going to be a couch covering or crazy curtains.  

I made up a little necklace to go with it. I just braided three long skinny torn strips for the band and rolled the strips and hand sewed for the flowers.  I didn't intend to make a 'bib' style necklace, but one flower turned to three, then a whole bib was in place.  I wore this last week and got several compliments on the necklace.  One was from the teller at the drive through window at the bank.  I wasn't even in the first lane closest to her.  She could either tell how styling I was from far away or it's a little too big and bulky and caught her eye from afar. 

The best part of the skirt is the side zipper.  I'm all about a zipper pouch, but had never put in a zipper in clothing.  Turns out it wasn't hard either.

I didn't get the top lined up right, but I know what happened and it doesn't show.  I do need to take the skirt in just a little and I might fix this then.  I didn't use a pattern, I just traced an existing skirt.  I didn't take into account that at the waist band, I'd need to fold in to make the finished top, that made the skirt bigger at the top than I had expected.  

I need to take it in, but at the rate I'm eating cinnamon roll pancakes, I might as well leave it.

Luckily there were several yards of this fabric because several of the panels I cut out had moth holes in them.  I ended up cutting up all the fabric to get enough panels to make a skirt.


jess_hak said...

Such a great fabric! And the necklace is really cute. I didn't even notice that it resembled a wig until you said something. :)

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

Cute! We had cinnamon roll pancakes for dinner last night and I told the kids they wouldn't get dessert because dinner was so sweet. It is more like they didn't get dinner they got dessert!

jess_hak said...

Not I didn't notice that it resembled a bib until you said something. Silly mommy brain! :)

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