Wednesday, July 13, 2011


After an additional hour of cleaning, I do have an update to the shelf crash fiasco of the other day.  But in the meantime, here  is something I already had ready.  

When we returned home from our holiday travels we had a number of surprises.

The first surprise was that a neighbor trimmed one of our big trees in the backyard. They took a chainsaw and started chopping up limbs. everyone was sick of our tree dropping limbs and pulling down the power lines.  We finally figured out who did it and to maintain friendly neighborly relations (they bring us ribs!) I had to thank them repeatedly for all their hard work.  I didn't thank them for the 4 hours of hot sweaty chainsaw work, wood stacking and leaf burning we had to do the next morning.  I also didn't thank them for the two large piles of limbs that remain to burn.  Hubby and I thought we were going to overheat and pass out and had to call it a day.  Bee's pool party is this next weekend or I'm sure they'd stay all summer.   At least there weren't limbs in the pool or crushing the trampoline like the last time we were out of town. 

A less work requiring surprise was some HUGE yellow squash. The two that look little are regular size.  The two large ones were too big.  I scooped out the seeds though and we ate them anyway.  The seeds get a little crunchy if they get this big.  I gave the little ones to the neighbors. 

The best surprise was this guy:

Two of our tadpoles are growing up and loosing that little kid tadpole tail.   The whole time Bee was holding this guy she kept whispering to herself, "Don't freak out, don't freak out, he's just a frog."

We still have several tadpoles left to go and the froglets will be released this week.  They haven't spent anytime near the water since hopping out and I'm thinking they aren't eating.

Have you ever come home form a trip to surprises?


Sandy said...

No surprises .... at least, not that I can remember anyway! Just had to tell you how cute that was what Bee was saying to herself while holding the tadpole!!

jess_hak said...

That little froglet is really cute. :) Annabelle would say the same thing if she was holding it....if she even got that far. lol AND those are huge squash!!

Sparkling said...

I went to Belgium for a month in July one year and had planted a garden anyway. I told k-ster to make sure to water. Oh and water he did. I came home to huge cucumbers just waiting to be picked the first night I was home!

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