Saturday, July 2, 2011

shirt to skirt

Skirts are my summer staple.  I'd live in them year round, but you can't very well teach preschool in a skirt and I'm not partial to cold legs in the winter.  Even Katie Couric doesn't wear hose anymore, so that's less of an option too.   (last winter I went to pick up a few pairs and there were like 4 options instead of 100.  Silly Katie, look what you've done)

My sister sent me a link to Sew Like My Mom where she explains in more detail the construction of the shirt skirt (the waist is shirred with elastic thread). I emailed right back,  "I've already made one, just haven't posted pictures!"  It's the easiest skirt ever and fits on my "lazy summer must be comfortable" scale well.  Plus it's a re-purposing project, so it's a "love mama earth" project too.

This is made from one of hubby's old work polos.  They changed his logo last year and he had all these shirts for me to hoard away for projects.  I relocated the pocket to the lower side. It's not really one you'd use, but I thought I'd mess around and see how I like it.  I have two other men's polos waiting on my ironing board for the quick make into a skirt. 

Here are some other skirts that I've been living in this summer:

Here's another idea with a men's shirt I'd like to try soon. Grey Luster Girl shared how she turned a mens polo into a ladies top.


Kelly said...

repurposing men's shirts into summer skirts sounds like a great project! DH often has good work shirts with a small flaw that makes them unusable at work (tiny tear, worn collar, stain, etc.) But that would be a fun summer skirt for me! I'll have to start saving them.

Anonymous said...

I saw the shirt to skirt post on another site this week and so now that I'm seeing this twice I guess it's meant for me to do this. It's a great idea and my husband has so many t-shirts I know he would mind if I borrowed one :)

Danielle said...

how about leggings or spandex-y shorts under your skirts for teaching Preschoolers? Then you could wear your skirts.

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