Thursday, July 14, 2011

like a new shelf

I have mopped the floors at least twice a day since Monday evening.  Bee says it is slowly getting less sticky. I have removed the last piece of glass from my feet and all seems well. I need to replace the broom, the kitchen rug, and the dustpan.  But, hubby quickly fixed my shelf. 

When the shelf crash happened I was interested in seeing the brackets and screws to see why it fell. Imagine my surprise when I realized that there were 3/4 inch screws holding up that heavy shelf.  Good grief, I'm not sure the wooden shelf should have been able to be supported.  They were only long enough to go into the drywall, not into any studs.

When we bought this house in December, the former homeowners had heavy antique crock mixing bowls on the shelf.  I commented on what a strong shelf it looked like.  They assured me it wasn't going anywhere!  Lesson learned; never trust someone else's shelf installation skills.

Hubby fixed the problem with anchors and longer screws.
And some real big bad boys to go into the studs.  See that big one against the old little one.  We're going to be sturdy now. 

Each of the anchors is weighted to hold 75 pounds each.  The screws in the studs should be about the same.  I'm not going to push it though. 

I have much less up there now. I won't be putting anymore weight up there than this.  I had a few jars survive the crash and brought up anything else I had stored away in the basement.  This is everything now.  I'm trusting Hubby's good shelf installation skills.   

We'll have no more of this:

I'm jumping right back in and have grape jelly on the plan for this weekend.


jess_hak said...

Way to get right back on the horse! :)

Kelly said...

I would trust your hubby's installation skills, too! No worries now, just keep canning.

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