Friday, July 8, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Happy Food Plate

Recently I wrote about the Mr. Happy Food plate that my very craft talented friend Melissa made for Lou for his birthday. He's been absolutely loving it and giggles when he comes to dinner. She made up a few more (hopefully there's one in there for Bee!) and wrote up a tutorial for her blog.

Ribeye steak, grilled zucchini, garlic bread, pasta and alfredo sauce- this is a meal since Bee has become a vegetarian.  We all had steak, so I made up some alfredo noodles for her.  Lou eats everybody's meal.  I am trying to work with her vegetarian mood, but hubby is less than eager to accommodate. She will still eat sausage and fish.  Those aren't really animals.

She has a boy version and a girl version now!  We are very excited to get our hands on one of these or get our own made really soon.  You can make your own too.  Head on over to Mommy's Little Monkeys and say hi and get the full directions.

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