Sunday, July 10, 2011

jam mess up and a jelly go

This has been several weeks back now, but the kids and I went strawberry picking and came home ready to make jam.  we were leaving for a trip the next day and I was packing and cleaning and making jam and I really messed it up.  I realized pretty quickly that it wasn't looking like it was going to set up properly.   In fact, it turns out that it's more like strawberry syrup.

It was supposed to make 8 jars and I think and I ended up with 12.  It's sweet and yummy and good on ice cream, so it's not a loss at all.   I'll just buy some store bought strawberries and make another batch. 

I picked up some fresh peaches and put them up too.  I forgot that canning peaches isn't fun.  It's messy and slippery and it never seems like it makes much.  Probably I'll forget that this winter when we are enjoying the peaches.

I tried a new recipe for jelly using store bought juice.  It's a little bit like cheating.  We chose blueberry pomegranate and is really delicious so I won't tell if you don't.  I've given away a few jars and am left with just a few.  I'll have to make another batch.

Here's what I have left from last summer and what I've already put up this year.  I have 2 jars left of green beans, out of the 17 from last summer.  This year I'll make sure to out some up in pints instead of just quarts.  There are a few jars of turkey and chicken broth left, the new jars of peaches, beans, one jar left of corn.  I'll do much more this summer.  Only two jars of pickles are left.  Some batches were so good, we'd eat a jar in one day!  The new jam and jelly are here.  There are 5 jars of spaghetti sauce left, no one besides me likes it.  There are 2 jars of relish left, so that's worked out pretty well.  I love it.  I have the last jar of ketchup in the fridge right now.  That worked out pretty well too and will be a must on this summers list. 

Off topic:  I just finished writing this and looked up and both hubby and my sister are asleep on the couches.  My mom went off to bed hours ago.  We got up super early this morning and had a yard sale, so we are worn out.  I think they have the right idea. 

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Sparkling said...

Those jars look great! I am really afraid to can... I'm convinced no matter what I do that I'll poison everyone with bochulism!

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