Sunday, July 3, 2011

packing tip

I have a little packing tip to share.  I used to be able to go in and do our packing for a trip in one 'sitting', but now our packing is a several day long process with laundry needing to happen here and there.  
Here's what we've come up with to help out.  A few days out, I make a packing list for each of us and tape it to the bedroom door.  Inside the room is a laundry basket.  When each item is 'packed' in the bag, it's crossed off the list. This allows me to pack in bits and pieces, which is how most things get done around the house.  This trip, I was able to help Bee understand the list and let her do several items by herself.  She took care of Sunday dress, swim suit, cover up, undies, and pjs by herself.   

Two days or so out, when almost everything is in the basket, they get dragged into our bedroom with the list on top.  The last minute items are packed as they come through the laundry. 

Then the kids are given a backpack to fill with car toys and busy work.  I go through the baskets one last time when I pack them into the suitcases.  So yeah, my room pretty much looks like this for a few days.

So while I was finishing up packing, the kids were in the tub.  We had just gotten out of the pool so I threw them in the tub together in their suits.  They kept calling and calling for me.  Look at what these two sillies were doing.  Goof balls.

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