Sunday, July 31, 2011

jam again- news on pectin

This isn't exactly a recent batch of strawberry jam. Back from the first of July I guess. These aren't berries we picked either.  That you can tell for sure.  These are from the grocery.  All of our picked berries have already been jammed or frozen... or crashed on the floor.

side note:  I picked up this sink strainer for a few bucks the other day and it's already proved to be a great tool for canning.

The real point of this post and the most exciting news all month has been the new jars of pectin.  No more double sided directions from the box!  The folks over a Ball wised up and are trying to make home canning look easy.  The directions for this are on the back of the bottle.  Easy peasy.  Also a smart move, they have made the directions so that you don't have to make a huge batch.  You can make as little as two jars of jam and just measure out the amount of pectin needed.  It comes in regular amount of sugar needed or low sugar, which I've been using this year.

Jam made easier.

Since I'm making more jam and jelly this year than I did last year, I had to pick up some new small jars.   Look how cute these are.  They are only 4 oz, so I ended up with bunches of these tiny guys filled with strawberry jam.

Bee takes her lunch to school this year and had become a vegetarian over the summer so I'm looking forward to making lots of PBJs.


Sparkling said...

can you break down how much you think it costs you to make a batch of this strawberry jam? with all of the pieces you need and the fruit itself.

Sugarbug Boutique said...

Still vegan, huh? Miss you guys! Hope you are doing well!

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