Friday, April 17, 2009

Anyone up for an animal rescue?

I’m up to my arm pits in Diego rescue packs. I had a few orders for them in the past two days. It works out well since I prefer to work on projects together. I only have a bit of the orange fleece on hand, so it’s off to the fabric store for us! While I’m there, I have an idea for a new shirt and skirt for Bee and some patchwork shorts for Lou. I saw an outfit on a little girl at mommy- and-me this morning that gave me some great inspiration.

I made my first Diego pack for Bee during a brief phase where she loved Go Diego Go, or ‘Go Go,’ as Lou calls it. I just sort of pieced it together and it turned out pretty cute. I put them on etsy, and got a pretty good response. I finally made myself a little pattern, not something I normally do, and have been very glad that I did. It cuts down on my mess ups almost completely and they are more similar in size. Maybe I should consider patterns for other things too!

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