Sunday, April 26, 2009

a cough and a sneeze

The sick bug has come to our house! I am the only healthy one and keeping my fingers crossed. I was up all night with Lou on Wednesday and then Thursday we both felt pretty bad. I was better by Friday, although both kids woke up Friday with crusty faces…. Nice. This morning Lou woke up with gunk in his eyes. I thought it was probably nothing, until after we infected the entire church nursery with what has turned out to be a pretty nasty case of puffy yucky eyes. We will be heading to the doctor first thing in the morning. Hubby came home from volunteering with the youth group saying he was probably going to call in tomorrow, he’s not feeling well now either. This should make for a fun week.

I’ve been sneaking elderberry into smoothies and tea all weekend, have vaporizers going in the bedrooms, and made sure we got some nice salty air at the beach on Saturday. We went to our favorite beach spot, Honeymoon Island. We went with friends and watched two strangers get married on the beach. Bee was excited to see them kiss. Surprisingly, Lou fell asleep about 10:30 in the morning, while we were beaching... guess that was a sign of the sickness to come.

These pictures aren’t from this weekend, they are from a few weeks ago. But, they are from our favorite beach spot.

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