Monday, April 20, 2009

What's that smell?

My house smells great, thanks to our kind neighbor. The kids were out playing ‘mermaid show’ in the yard this evening when Bee spied our neighbor cutting flowers. Bee is too friendly with people and before I knew it she had acquired several gardenias. Who was I to argue, they were very nice and I really did want them. We brought them in and spread them around the house. One little bloom is enough to give a whole room fragrance. I am going to have to get a gardenia plant some day, boy do they smell great! I put the blooms in little shot glasses which is funny because they have only ever been used by our house for flowers. Maybe my grandma will know more about them, but I picked out several little shot glasses out of my great grandma’s things. My grandma was getting rid of some of my great grandma’s things about the same time that I was moving into my first apartment. I don’t remember any stories about anyone in the family doing any drinking; they probably just used them for flowers too.

I asked my hubby if he liked the smell and he said he couldn't even smell them. I told them that he wouldn't mind then if I planted a gardenia of mine own then.

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