Thursday, April 2, 2009

ruffles and twirls

I’ve been sewing for Bee. I don’t use patterns and am half self taught, half taught by my self taught mom. We basically make a lot of things up as we go. Bee wanted a dress with ruffles. I found an adorable patchwork skirt dress in an old picture that I wanted to attempt, I decided to combine the two. When we fabric shop, Bee picks out strawberry shortcake, brightly colored unicorns, or something sparkly with fairies. I am not opposed to strawberry shortcake, but don’t think she belongs on a dress. I convinced her that we needed a July dress for her birthday with red, white, and blue. We picked out 5 fabrics, mostly florals. By the time we got home from the fabric store it was time for lunch and naps. I got started right away as soon as Lou was asleep. I decided to have the straps tie at the shoulder to lengthen the years she will be able to wear it but mostly because I don’t know how to sew a zipper and I recently made a dress that fastens with buttons. I got her out of her nap three times to try it on. She doesn’t sleep during nap time anymore, just plays with polly pockets, so she didn’t mind at all. I finished it that evening once the kids were in the bath. After washing up, she tried it on, and was thrilled. She really wanted to wear it to bed but we settled on wearing it the next day. She twirled around the house all day rather pleased with herself and her ruffles. Her only comment was that it would be even better if it had strawberry shortcake on it.

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