Sunday, April 19, 2009

I thought it was cool, maybe it's lame

I was not working on Diego bags this evening as I had planned. The fabric I bought yesterday finally came out of the laundry and I could not wait to get started. Now, I think I may have wasted a few hours... I have been seeing lots of little boys wearing cute patchwork shorts. Lou is not in need of any shorts, so I couldn’t see any reason to buy a pair when I could make a pair. Also, I had two little button up shirts that he had grown out of that I really wanted to use in a project. I spent way too much time making the patchwork fabric to cut into the shorts. I have the shorts done, but now I think they look more like hobo shorts, than the cute little patchwork shorts that I keep seeing. I think the patches should have been smaller. Lou liked them, I am indifferent, Hubby thinks they are a little lame. He did say that if Lou likes them, that is all that matters… he’s only 1, he can probably pull it off.

I also made a skirt for Bee. I have been trying to think of a project to do with this adorable yellow bird fabric. I am pleased with the skirt, and think I might like one for myself! I should have though ahead for the shirt, I found it more difficult than I would have guessed to find a black top. I had to get a boys black t-shirt. Tomorrow when I try it on her, I may be able to do some altering to it to make it less t-shirty. I thought I’d leave it for the night, I tend to mess things up if I keep going.

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