Saturday, April 4, 2009

coloring with daddy

I met with my small group at church this evening. It's a new group and I think it's going to be a really great mix of people, hopefully another couple or two will join, but I really like the new couple that did met with us tonight. I left daddy at home with the kids tonight since his parents are in town and he was in the middle of assembling a new disney princess bike with streamers, training wheels, matching water bottle and apparently a really confusing brake system. I have been on my own more this week than in the past four years combined and I have been making the most of it. Today I even enjoyed a frozen coke on my way home from grocery shopping by myself! I treated myself to a new book from the book store but have not figured out of which envelope that money was supposed to come.

When I got home, the kids were at the kitchen table coloring with daddy. It was way better than I expected, half thinking it would be 'video time.' They were using their crayon rolls which I made for them a few months ago. I haven't listed any on my etsy site yet, but plan to get around to it one of these days. It is a basic design, a long piece of fabric sewn with slots for the crayons. A ribbon is attached so you can tie it up once it's rolled. There is some folding and hiding of seems, but it's a quick little project. I have made a few as small gifts, one for my crafty Indiana friend, two for our friends with the orange tree, and have fabric laying out to make one for my sister's art teacher. We keep ours in the 'diaper bag' (my Vera Bradley back pack, an anniversary gift from my hubby) for trips to restaurants and long car rides. I created them originally for a plane trip last fall to Indiana. My hubby is very smart and a little tricky, somehow I always end up flying alone with the kids back and forth from Florida to Indiana. Handling all of the materials, kids toys, treats and snacks is an issue and these crayon rolls simplified at least one pat of that for me. I thought I was rather ingenious with this design, only to find about twenty other etsy sellers who thought they were ingenious too. I was pleased to see them out and even more pleased that everyone was sharing the blue and brown crayons, as everyone was drawing an ocean picture.

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

Yay for mommy alone time! and for new books. If I have envelopes, I may need one just for books.

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