Friday, April 24, 2009

international superstar?

International superstar… well maybe that’s a bit much, but Mama Bee Designs is going international. I have had several sales to individuals in Mexico, Canada, and a handful to the UK (which I am not even sure where/what that is… I even have a concentration area in social studies with my elementary education degree- I won’t name the name of my university!), but I have had a wholesale order from a place in Mexico. They will then sell my item at their shop/eatery and hopefully make a profit for themselves as well. They are selling my coffee cozies, and since I use leftover scraps to make them, I will be making a profit even selling it at a wholesale price. They are located in Mexico City. I asked if they knew my brother and his wife but they did not (really? there are only like a billion people in Mexico City...). Kelly and David live outside of Mexico City and Kelly works in Mexico City. I told her about Kelly’s job and she thought that sounded super interesting since she herself speaks Spanish, English, and Korean, the three main languages spoken at Kelly’s school. Kelly writes a great blog about their time in Mexico called Southern Hospitality. So if you happen to be in Mexico City you should stop by the Bruno Tavern and show the Mama Bee merchandise a little love. You might even want to mention how you wish they carried other items from this up-and-coming American crafter.

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

We want to stop by! Also to advertise amongst our Mexico City friends. And maybe place a big order!

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