Friday, April 10, 2009

Apron strings

I sent out an order for an apron today. The pears and apples fabric is so cute and has been a top seller for me. I line most in pink, but have done some in brown or blue by special request. All my aprons come with a pot holder and over mitt as well as a cute cooking accessory (short wooden spoon, mini rolling pin, cookie cutters, etc). I was advertising them as little helper aprons for cooking, but have had many people tell me they use them for art. We do as well. I should offer an art accessory for those people. I think I'll stock up on water color sets when they go on sale for 75 cents in July.

The first apron I made was for Bee's second Christmas. I made a little yellow one with black bees on it. I also made a pot holder and oven mitt. We wore that apron until just this past summer when it was clear that a new apron was needed. I packed away that little paint stained apron in her box of baby treasures. We cooked and crafted together numerous times while she donned her little bee apron. Bee now has a navy apron with red white and blue flowers. It wasn't my favorite fabric, but it was one I wasn't selling much of, so poor Bee got the leftovers. Lou has an adorable baseball apron. His was an ordered one, but I felt the pocket was a bit crooked and couldn't ship it out. I made a new one for my customer and Lou got the crooked pocket apron. Someday, he will probably pull that out of his box of baby treasures and remark at what a poor seamstress I must have been. Oh well, my kids always get the prototypes or mess ups for all things Mama Bee. I'm sure the other crafters poor kids all have seconds too.

I love going to the cotton print section of the fabric store. I line my aprons with a coordinating print or solid and find most of my fabric for aprons in this section. I really like picking out custom order fabrics for people. I have a lot of fun when someone tells me what colors or theme they want and turn me loose. I usually buy several choices for them, and just use the rest for other projects. It all gets used one way or another. The kids usually claim a good bit of it too, for their projects, you know. I think they like new fabrics as much as I do.

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