Monday, April 13, 2009


I finished up several odds and end that have been waiting on the sewing table, some for a good while. I finished up my sister’s sandwich wrap that matched the lunch sack and snack bag that I made for her while she was in town visiting during spring break a few weeks ago. I needed a tiny bit more fabric and didn’t have any other excuses to go to the fabric store until recently.

She picked out a pretty green and cream swirly-like print and a coordinating small floral green print. I used my mesa red Vera Bradley lunch tote as a model, but made a few changes (My VB style is apparently no longer availabe, the newer style is a good bit differnt). It came together nicely, better than I thought. It’s lined on the inside with the vinyl laminate that I use for snack bags and sandwich wraps. She’s going to look super cute taking it into the teachers’ lounge at school. My mom has already requested one for mother’s day.

I also finished up an order for my old job share teaching partner from Indiana. Her son is in 2nd grade (I think… that’s so bad that I don’t know for sure…) and has been talking about earth day and eco friendly ‘stuff’ at school. The kids have become concerned about their lunch waste. My friend was very happy to tell her son that she had an idea. I got her order out right away since I knew her son was eager to start using them. I made a sandwich wrap, two snack bags, and a cloth napkin in a baseball print for her oldest son and a snack bag in a truck print for his preschool aged brother. My old partner-in-crime is sure that her MOPS group will be interested in them too. Their speaker this month talked about being ‘green.’ I have finished up all my other orders, so I am ready for more.

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