Friday, April 3, 2009

My snack bags and sandwich wraps

I found some great vintage fabric at an estate sale a few weeks ago. That was a weird experience, to go through a stranger’s house and literally pick up anything and ask ‘how much.’ The contents of this couple’s cabinets and drawers were spilled on the counters for people to pick through and buy one piece at a time. I got a great deal on some sewing supplies and wooden spools, my new collection. My favorite fabric was a pillowcase with a total vintage cow boy look. I paid 10 cents for it and the sales man gave me a funny look when I eagerly asked how much for an old pillowcase with a few random tears. I held onto it, waiting for the perfect project. Luckily a friend from Indiana saw a picture of it in my fabric catalogue and requested a few things to be made from it. When I was little and I got something special, I saved it. I did not use my Holly Hobby stationary set because I wanted to save it for special occasions. In college I finally used the last of it. I still have two full jars of a special sugar hand scrub I got 5 years ago. I’m saving it for a special occasion apparently. Anyway, so this great fabric did not sit long. I made my friend a sandwich wrap and two snack bags. I use a laminate vinyl to make everything washable and durable. I do sell both of these on my etsy site and they have sold pretty decently. It took me several attempts to get a size and shape that I really like before I listed them. I have actually made more for my friends and family than I have sold. They have been great birthday gifts for our friend’s school age kids. My kids and I use our wraps and snack bags all the time and I’m sure Bee will use her wrap even more when she is in school next year. My husband is now on board and uses his sandwich wrap to take a sandwich to work every day. I am doing a giveaway of a sandwich wrap on another blog. I guess that makes me official into the blog world, although I don’t understand it all yet. I’ll be sure to link that when it’s all set up.


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

She's going to school next year??!! I feel old.

Susana said...

These are awesome!

Lots of Fun with My FaMiLy said...

Do you still sell these?? I have been wanting to switch my girls and hubby to something a little more eco friendly than ziplocks.
Wayne doesn't have room in his lunch bag for bulky rubbermaids and Ainsley has to be able to open her containers herself at school, and some are tough for adults :(

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