Thursday, April 9, 2009

Productive Thursday

Today was much more productive than yesterday. Perhaps the fact that we got up at 6:30 instead for yesterdays 8 am had a little something to do with it. My Thursdays are typically productive around the house since I watch a friend's daughter all day. The kids entertain themselves so well, I am able to clean the house and do some laundry or sewing. Today, our little friend was with her Aunt, who is in town on spring break.

The kids played on the floor at the clubhouse 'gym' while I ran on the treadmill. There is probably something wrong with me because I would rather run inside on the treadmill than in this mornings perfect Florida spring weather. The kids fight while sitting so close in the jogging stroller and cry to go play at the playground, it makes for an unenjoyable jog.

Lou raided his Easter basket. Things were a little quiet and I should have know that meant he had found either some candy or make-up. It was not candy, he skipped over that when he saw the rain boots! I found some super cute stride rite fireman rainboots on ebay and got them for a really good price. Bee argued that since he got something, she should too. She threw herself down on the floor in a fit when I presented her with bath confetti from her basket. So, Lou got rain boots and Bee got nothing this morning. I told her that if she is a good listener today and did not yell at me anymore, I would think about getting the bath confetti back out this evening. So far, so good. Perhaps I should have made the reward contingent on dry undies.... that seems to be an issue today.

Then we went to the farmers market. Lou wore his rain boots. I was ok with this since I have a bit of a weakness for kids who wear boots (rain or cowboy) at the wrong time, with the wrong outfit, or in the wrong season. I think it's about the cutest thing ever. You know that they really just wanted to wear their boots. We have a picture of my brother dressed up for Halloween in a cat outfit wearing his cowboy boots. Precious. I am standing next to him in a strawberry shortcake outfit my mom made, wearing appropriate footwear. Wish we still had that costume, I think I will be making one for Bee for Halloween this year. Today she said she want to be a pirate though so I will not be starting any time soon. I did not need much from the farmers market, but found several things that looked delicious. I went a little crazy on tomatoes, but I know they will get eaten. I bought all the things I need to make salsa and guacamole which I will make for dinner so we can use up the rest of the bag of our favorite tortilla chips. I used my home made produce bags, and as always, the gal took a little off my total since I did not use any plastic bags. I also found some excellent white aged sharp cheddar that Bee and I both thought was a necessity. I served it at lunch and neither kid ate any, although both said they wanted some. I gobbled up my portion as well their leftovers. It was slightly warm from sitting in the car during errands this morning and was perfect. In a moment of weakness I also bought a Belgian waffle. That will be the best $3 I spend all month. No more said on that.

Finally, this morning was topped off with a trip to my favorite fabric store, Lou still in boots. I found a nice online 40% off coupon for Joann fabrics. So combined with my mailer coupon and the one from the newspaper, I did rather well this morning. I found the cutest brown pear fabric. I will be making the sandwich wrap for the give away on my friend of friend's blog using it. I may end up making Bee a shirt with it too, it's really cute. The kids helped me pick out some fabric for an order for snack bags, sandwich wraps, and cloth napkins. I found a remnant for 89 cents to make some PJ shorts for Bee. I think they will be short, but should be fine for sleeping. I have some cowboy flannel waiting to be made in to PJ shorts for Lou as well. They should look nice with his rain boots since it looks like they will be a permanent fixture on his feet. He napped in them today and only took them off for bath after a bribe.

(That's not snow in the farmers market/rain boot picture. The produce man dumped out some ice that big piles of fresh herbs were packed in. All the kids at the market ran to the 'snow'. Poor Florida kids, they did not know the difference between that ice and snow.)

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

"We have a picture of my brother dressed up for Halloween in a cat outfit wearing his cowboy boots."
I would pay to see that picture!
Sounds like a fabulous day, and my favorite type - lots of shopping for not lots of money!

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