Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another thing to keep my kids entertained

We went out to eat tonight, a real treat for us since Dave Ramsey came into our lives. My in-laws are in town and wanted to take us out to eat, they apparently don’t remember what it’s like to go out to eat with two small children. I did really enjoy my Smokey Bones pulled pork sandwich. We did meet the people at the surrounding tables though since both of my children are rather friendly and wave at everyone. Being in an area with so many Grandparent ‘snowbirds,’ this goes over quite well. The woman behind us was celebrating her 81st birthday with a vodka on rocks. She kept both kids entertained for several minutes. Another thing that kept the kids entertained for several minutes, all I could really hope for, was their chalk cloth place mats that I made for them last summer. I have not made any recently, but thought I might share a few pictures of them. I did sell them on my site for a very short time. I actually really disliked sewing with the chalk cloth and messed up as many as I had that turned out nicely. One side is a laminated cotton print, the other is chalk cloth. Chalk cloth is a bit pricey and is something not sold locally for me. It was an exciting package to get in the mail though since it can’t be folded and comes on a tall roll. I used a coordinated binding to edge and make ties. I do enjoy having a few projects made from it, but am glad to be done with chalk cloth. I am also glad that we finished our dinner with everyone getting something they liked, made a minimal disruption to the dining experiences of the other patrons in our area and that I was the only one at our table to spill something. A special happy birthday to table 33.

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

You are so creative! I absolutely love your great ideas.

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