Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things not done today

List of things to do today: work on a friend’s resume, wash diapers, fold laundry, wash dishes, clean kitchen, clean bathrooms, email one of the youth group girls from church some encouraging words, sew 3 sandwich wraps and 3 snack bags, and put away a huge pile of books on the floor in Bee’s room.
What actually got done: made a new muffin recipe with Lou, played with blocks, had a movie date with Bee during Lou’s nap (Curious George), made up 6 coffee cozy’s (I don’t even drink coffee), danced to Jack Johnson’s sing along and lullabies cd, chatted on the phone with my old teaching partner, and plucked my eye brows. I did dump two loads of laundry on the bed to be folded later, that sort of counts. We did all manage to get dressed and brush our teeth before lunch and did get down for naps at a decent time. It was a successful day.

A blog friend suggested I list a coupon code or some other bonus for someone who shops my etsy site and has read my blog. So, any order placed this month that mentions the code “first free stuff” in the ‘notes to seller’ section will receive a lovely free gift. It’s one of the coffee cozy’s I made today. Maybe you drink coffee.

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