Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Waldorf Ways

This is our Easter season table centerpiece, a princess rock and some yellow weeds from the yard. How Waldorf of us. We’ve been sculpting with natural beeswax which we ordered from a cute etsy shop, Twinkle of my Eye (she has a great sale going on right now!). Combine that and our recent interest in wooden blocks and mermaids and we are there… Waldorf.

Actually, our increased mermaid interest has come from our recent visits to Weeki Wachee Springs park.

Bee showed some interest in mermaids around Christmas when she got the mermaid Polly Pocket. I made her a mermaid towel that she has been using after bath time. Her brother is now into mermaids as well, much to my husband’s amusement. They have a little set of mermaid stick puppets that we made on a whim a few weeks ago. When my sister was in town at the end of March we decided to make the hour drive to the mermaid show. Other than two very scary scenes, the kids loved it. After the show, they even got to meet a mermaid, Mermaid Kayla. We went back in early April to see the show again when my husband’s parents were in town. Both kids have been putting on their own mermaid shows around the house and it is the most sculpted item when we get out the play dough or modeling wax. Bee wears her mermaid towel almost every night and Lou is pretty insistent that he wants one too. I can’t sell these on my site since I copied a cute towel already listed on etsy (although I just noticed that it's no longer listed... maybe I could...). Lou has a lion towel that I made. We tell him it’s a mermaid lion. He seems ok with that.

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