Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter shark?

Easter was a fun and busy day for us. Bee and Lou were excited to get their Easter baskets, almost as much as I was. I could not wait to see her reaction to a very special satin nightgown I made….strawberry shortcake! It even has a ruffle at the bottom and puffy sleeves like she’s been asking/begging for. Lou found a balloon ball in his basket. I didn’t make this, I bought it from a shop on etsy called SDK designs. I had one similar when I was young and was excited to see one on etsy. I love supporting handmade.

We went to church where it actually rained on stage. The roof wasn’t leaking, they made it rain in the sanctuary as a visual element to demonstrate God’s cleansing power. I am often 'critical' of things during service, I don’t mean to be. I say it’s because I grew up in the church and at some point had four parents employed in and by the church. It was everyone’s job to analyze elements of the service and work to improve those things. I admit that I pay more attention to lighting, power point slides and stage décor than I should. Regardless, it takes a lot to impress me… however, the rain… impressive. The kids wore their Easter outfits. My mom and I found Lou’s outfit at an outlet store when she was in town at the end of spring break. It’s seersucker and has a little bunny appliquéd on front. There may be one more year that I can get by with a seersucker romper for him. I wanted to make Bee a coordinating dress, but I had already purchased a dress the end of last season. I got it for about $6 and I couldn’t make one for that. Hannah carried her Vera bag from Grandma, this she calls her 'church purse.'

After a lunch of warmed leftovers and then naps, we headed off to see friends in town. My best friend from high school, Kim and hubby’s best friend from high school, Keith, live about 4 hours north, but have parents in our area. These are friends from where we grew up, 1000 miles away. We got there just in time for meal 3 of the day, Lamb. I love lamb and haven’t had any since Kim and I were in high school, maybe college, and we would go to her grandma’s farm. Kim’s grandma raised sheep, goats, and ducks and chickens. She always served lamb when we came. They had a great old farm house and had more indoor/outdoor pets than I’ve ever seen someone have. They also kept fresh eggs in their basement at ‘room temperature’ which I was always concerned about. I guess I wasn’t too concerned; I ate deviled eggs there all the time. She also made rhubarb pie a lot for us. yum.

There was an egg hunt for the kids. There were roughly 230 eggs for about 6 kids. My kids found about 16 each, guess others found a lot more. The best find of the day might have been a large shark tooth found in the front yard, partially buried. A few people seemed sure that it was a megalodon tooth, but it’s hard to say. It was heavy and larger than my hand. It was a good find for sure.

Finally we ended up at our neighbors for meal 4, fillet minion! Another delicious meal! We spent the evening with two couples from church. The kids played fantastically upstairs in the bedrooms, the men folk gathered in the living room and found something sports related on tv, and the ladies found themselves around the kitchen table with a delicious dessert and mint juleps. I think we ladies got the best end of the deal.

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