Tuesday, April 28, 2009

giveaway- it's my turn

I forgot this weekend to post my giveaway. Between a sick family and and a birthday this weekend, my mind was elsewhere. Here is is. I have a purple owl sandwich wrap ready for a new home. Here's how to win this handy wrap, just leave a comment here and I will figure out how to use that random selection tool. If not, my kids will draw a name out of a hat :) Make sure and leave your email address unless you are clickable. Then, I'll contact the winner. I will ship anywhere (even the UK, which I now know the location of). This giveaway ends Tuesday, May 5th. Feel free to visit my shop, Mama Bee Designs to see more about my wraps, snack bags, and other goodies.

Mrs. Cline's giveaway ends today, so you still have a little time.


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I love these bags!

Mrs. Cline said...

Of course I love the sandwich wraps! I will promote your giveaway on my blog! Are you familiar with twitter? It's a great social media tool that would help you get your products out there!

Mrs. Cline

Jess :) said...

Love these...they look fabulous!! Especially since I'm a teacher and bring my lunch EVERY day!! Thanks Natalie for letting me know about this!! :)

Yocumotion said...

i love these! I just ordered one!they are too cute! asyocum@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

These bags are so clever Beth!


Anonymous said...

I love my bag... and all of the other teachers in the teacher's lounge love it too :)


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