Wednesday, July 22, 2009

embarassing... it's a cake wreck

Have you seen the blog Cake Wrecks? It's hilarious. They post funny cakes that are, literally wrecks... except on Sundays- then they feature really elaborate, beautiful cakes. Maybe you'll see this cake on there someday.... in the wreck section!

It really is embarrassing,but so funny that I had to share. Bee had told us she wanted a chocolate sheet cake for her birthday, later she added that she wanted a Tinkerbell cake. I will admit that I did this. In my defense, this was very last minute and I had only a toothpick and plastic baggie to work with. It's embarrassing, but we ate it all the same. Bee thought it was lovely... and wanted to eat her face.

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Chris said...

haha... it's almost exactly as you described it! pretty impressive! :)

and thank you for introducing me to another blog to be addicted to. as if awkwardfamilyphotos wasn't enough!

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