Friday, July 10, 2009

dessert in a bucket

I remember eating this sandy dessert one summer when we were supposed to go to FL and to Disney World as kids. We didn't go and instead had a beach party at the house... in IL. I thought of it because my kids have been begging to go to Disney again. They didn't think it was the same either. Lou especially seems to like having permission to eat sand (he doesn't usually ask permission before eating sand). It was of course served with a clean sand shovel.

The 'sand' dessert is just banana cream pudding (in our case, we needed 2 boxes) and crushed vanilla wafers. If I would have thought ahead of time, I would have picked up some little umbrellas, gummy fish or something else decorative.

This bucket of mud was especially tasty. It's chocolate pudding and crushed oreos. We did think to buy some gummy worms. This time, we layered the pudding with crushed oreos throughout.

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Anonymous said...

I remember how you kids handled that disappointment much better than I did. There were some financially tight days & I didn't think we could pull off a Disney trip. You kids were awesome!


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