Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just got an email saying that someone searched for one of our letterboxes and it was missing. That reminded me that we haven't been letterboxing in a few months. It's lots of fun to go on treasure hunts to find letterboxes and just as much fun to hide one and write clues for others.

What's letterboxing? Go here to the official letterboxing site to get started. I can't believe I have not mentioned letterboxing before, it's really been a fun family activity that we all enjoyed and has helped us learn about our area.

Basically, the site is a collection of clues to different locations all over the country. People have hidden letterboxes (small box with a stamper and a small journal) in fun secret spots (under a bridge in the park, behind some rocks just off the path on a pretty walking trail, under a park bench by a pond, etc). You go to the web site, find a hidden box near you, and print off the clues. You take with you- your own stamper and journal, ink pad, pencil, maybe a picnic lunch, etc. Then you follow the clues (ex: go to the park that rest between two school on XYZ road. Follow the trail that is just north of the slide. Just past the bridge you will see two trees that made a large V. Behind the trees, under the rocks you will seek what you find). So, when you find it, you open it and stamp your stamper in their book and write your names (most people have a 'trail' name- we are the bee keepers), town, and date. You also stamp their stamper in your book and write the date, the name of the box, etc. Then you secretly rehide the box and then enjoy the area if you have time. We have discovered new parks, museums, libraries, memorial markers, and just different areas of our town. Often, hiders will write a bit about the area with their clues too (this park was original homestead of Count Phillippe in 1781, he was one of the early settlers to the area and founded the first school in the town).

As it turns out, our new town is full of letterboxes! We will have lots to seek and new areas to explore when we get there in two weeks.

Here are a few pages from our journal. Most people have created lovely hand carved stamps. We always hide store bought ones. Either way...


steve said...

As much As I hope that you get back to Florida, I hope that you enjoy Evansville. It is a beautiful area, just different. Let us know when you are ready for company. We'd love to coem see you.


Sara said...

That's so neat! I've never heard of it before. I searched my city and there are tons! Who knew about this secret!

Anonymous said...

This is so fun. We've recently gotten going on geocaching, which is similar, but I love the idea of stamps and a notebook you get with letterboxing, as I've been hinting at this to my hubbie. Either way though, it make a great excuse for a family outing.

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