Saturday, July 4, 2009

July friends

I was trying to make some connection with July 4th and some thing to post about. I can't share about out actual plans and happenings since we are stillllll traveling. Here's the bridge to take us to today's post.... our friend Lulu who has a lovely mama, who writes 4 crazy kings.

4th of July celebrates the US, Learning about the US is a good skill for children, getting to know about the different areas is a good way to learn about the US, Getting letters from different areas helps us learn about them, us sending a letter to Lulu is helping her learn about different areas of the country. Hope you made it over the bridge safely.

We received a letter and piece of artwork from 3.5 year old Lulu and have returned a letter, piece of art (I will write about our apple stamping another day) and a little treasure from our state. She is learning about different areas (of the world actually) by corresponding with people from all over. Bee thought a special trip to the beach to collect shells would be a really good idea and I couldn't help but agree. We gathered shells and made a little bags for them. I hope they like our little treat and like learning about Florida.

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