Wednesday, July 15, 2009

alaphabet pizza

We are working really hard on learning all of our letter, Bee is anyway. Here is an idea I've been waiting to try. We so rarely have frozen pizza, but when we needed a meal before our trip that wouldn't leave leftovers and wouldn't leave fresh things in the fridge in case we didn't use it, I thought this might just be the time. I saw this over at no time for flashcards some time ago.

First, Bee and Lou painted the sauce on the cardboard pizza board. While they did this, I cut out the cheese, veggies, and lettered pepperoni.

Arrrr.... he's wearing an apron, but where does he wipe his hands... his church outfit.

Lou helped glue everything but the pepperoni. When it was time for the letters, I laid them all out and let her pick ones that she could identify. She glued those on the pizza. I am happy to report that she knew all but 4 letters... 4 different ones than those she had trouble with a few days ago. Don't know what that says about out strategies. (Ww seems to be missing, be found it later on the floor) I recorded her progress in our I Can book. We will keep on practicing!

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