Friday, July 24, 2009


Lou loves trains and when we were traveling, we made several stops to see trains.

The first set of trains were the tiny IN town where hubby grew up and I spent several years. There are a few train cars set on an old track by the new walk way. The Lion's Club actually has their meetings inside the train cars.

When we were with my mom, we went to this fun restaurant for lunch, Monon Whistle Stop Restaurant. There are trains running inside the restaurant by the ceiling and they have a lot of train antiques on display. Outside, they have a whole rail system set up for viewing (and apparently climbing on).

We also went for a walk at my sisters down by (actually, over) the train station in West Lafayette, by the Purdue campus. It was really pretty, but I did not have my camera because I just thought we were getting frozen lemonades. My new camera is too big to lug around just for frozen lemonade.


Mama King said...

The allure of trains! Looks great.

My Lu loves smooshed pennies too!

Lisa said...

FUN! My Gavin would have had a blast ... he's a train lover too.

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