Friday, July 17, 2009

Things we had to go to Indiana to do (for 2 weeks)

so 2 weeks is a long time to be away from home, but here are some things we had to travel 1000 miles to do. sorry for the picture overload.

go bowling for the first time:

Drive Grandpa's lawnmower all over the yard:

Catch minnows and crawdads (we probably have these in FL, but we also have gators in any and every body of water):

See a family of raccoons:

Pee in the river:

Spend a lot of time in the hammock:

Hang up the laundry:

Pick my favorite roadside flower:

Eat my grandma's blueberry pancakes:

Spend a lot of time rolling in the grass (you CAN'T do that here!- fire ants and scratchy grass)

Pick a lot of clovers:

Here are some other things and they will probably be getting their own posts: catching our first fish, feeding crazy large mouth fish, visiting trains, jumping everywhere, homemade ice cream, celebrating Bee's birthday, making a cake that could appear on 'cake wrecks', playing with other peoples dogs, and a few random craft projects, cooking projects, and remakes. I have another two weeks worth of stuff to write about!


Anonymous said...

The picture of the pancakes turned out well. Next time we will put the pretty side up. LOL gma

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

sounds like a perfect summer vacation!

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