Thursday, July 2, 2009

luggage tags and handels (travel part 3)

I saw these fabric luggage tags at Make it and Love it and thought it would be fun to make our own set. It really makes sense to have your little something special on the handle, since this is where you grab to take it off the belt when you pick up your luggage. Bee picked pink birds and Lou picked pirates. The card inside has all of our info and is turned upside down so no one can see it unless you pull it out. I probably saw the handle covers online somewhere too, but didn't think to bookmark it. The kids thought daddy would want baseball fabric, but he turned us down and said he didn't need a cute fabric luggage tag. really?


Mama King said...

Adorable and what a great idea!

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I love this idea! We have colored handles also, but I'm loving the tag/handle combo.

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