Thursday, July 16, 2009

unpacking, repacking, the big pack

There are suitcases to unpack... still. Suitcases need repacked... and then, yes, those are moving boxes in the background. In an interesting turn of events, during our trip, we confirmed our plans to move. The repacking of suitcases is for a house hunting trip to be done in a week or two. The big pack is for a move from Clearwater, FL to Evansville, IN (or in the vacinity). I looked on the map, they don't have a beach... This will be my 15th home, moving is becoming a hobby of sorts. We don't know anyone in southern Indiana, but hubby can live anywhere in a several state area for his new position... so that's where we want to call home... at least for awhile.

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

moving again!!! you are the queen of boxes. we're praying for a great move & hoping to see your new place soon.

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