Tuesday, July 7, 2009

blended family

This is Bee's doll house. She spends the better part of rest time playing with it almost daily. On different days, different families get to live there. Sometimes its the pollys that get to move in, sometimes it's the calico critters that came with the house. Today, we have a very blended family living here. There is Dora, little clay animals that we made, the bunny babies from calico critters, the cat babies from calico critters, Princess dress up dolls, wee folk, Panda family, Polly pockets, dogs and lots of water bowls from dog world, as well as several small hair clips. I know not to 'mess it up.' I don't argue with anything that can keep her attention nicely during rest time- because mommy needs a rest too! I really love to just see what she comes up with when she plays on her own. If I listen at the doorway, I'm treated to some funny play and acted out stories with the little characters. Sometimes the characters all sing their parts. precious.

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Anonymous said...

I know why I didn't recognize the new mama. I must have your blog set for 120%, because the mama is off stage.

Good to see you yesterday!


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