Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm feeling lucky- our first fish catch (how to cheat at fishing)

The kids have been fishing fools since Lou got a fishing pole for his birthday in May. They have done little fishing with an actual hooks, so we haven't caught anything yet. When in IN, we did some fishing at my moms. On our second day of fishing, Bee said she was feeling lucky. She was lucky, she and Lou both were. Actually, a friend was lucky when he caught two fish the night before and placed them in a jug for us to hook onto the kids lines the next morning.

Bee and Lou put their lines in a few times and then decided to play in the hammock awhile and let their lines set. Grandma 'watched' the lines. Just a few minutes later, as luck would have it, both little fishermen had fish.

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Mama King said...

Yeah for grandmas! Great story :-)

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