Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how to make books- two styles

I mentioned letterboxing a few posts ago and thought that perhaps our letterboxing journal needed a little update. At the same time, I thought I might make Bee a little album in case she wanted to collect autographs when we go to Disney World again.

Here are two different styles of books that you can make. They are pretty easy and don't require any special supplies. Each only needed a bit or leftover thin cardboard covered in scrapbooking paper. The pages are made from plain white computer paper. I just measured and cut them all the same size.

For the first I just layed out the covered cardboard cover/back piece and added the pages on top.  Then I sewed along the binding area with my sewing machine.

For the second book I whole punched, and laced a ribbon through instead of sewing.

Fill with all your favorite people's autographs.   We had several princesses and characters comment on our book.  Also, with Bee's name on the front, they didn't have to ask her to repeat her quiet answer about her name a dozen times. 

At home, we printed pictures of Bee with the character and added it to the page.  Now she can read it on her own.  

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