Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gem of an alaphabet book

We found this book in the friends room at out library. For a dollar, I thought it might be fun. Bee loves it! It's so simple and plain that I wasn't sure. That may be was is so alluring about it. The letter on the right side of the page is textured, almost velvety, and just beggs to be traced with your finger. We have set a goal for Bee to be able to recognize all of her letters by the time she starts preschool in the fall. In the week that we have had this book, she has gained several more letter.

I just did a little googling and found out why we like this book so much, it from Montessori services. We got a bargain too, they sell it online for $20.


Mama King said...

Great find!

Karin Katherine said...

We have this too. It is great. And you did get a great deal since mine came from Montessori Services with the big price tag! LOL

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