Monday, November 9, 2009

pinata time

Bee and Lou thought it might be fun to have a pinata for Grandpa's birthday. Since we had a ton of candy on hand for Halloween and it would soon be leaving the house, I thought this was a fine time to make one.
We mixed up some Elmers glue (like a whole bottle), water (started with @ 1/2 cup), and flour (@1 c) paste. A few layers of newspaper strip later and we had a soggy pinata.

To speed up the drying time, we rigged up a little drying area.

There was much debate over what the finished pinata would be. Bee wanted a heart, Lou wanted a pumpkin. Daddy helped decide on a fish, which was my vote. After being painted blue, his mouth really started to take fish shape, which was just a coincidence, since I did nothing special other than hang him when he was only 90% dry.

I just used some colored duck tape to attach some construction paper fins. We also glued on google eyes.

After being filled with Halloween candy and strung up, he was ready to get hit.

As with most pinatas, he needed some help with candy dispersion


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