Tuesday, November 24, 2009

candle redo

ok, I'm not a big candle person, but I was. In college, my dorm buddies and I would go to the Ball factory outlet and buy CHEAP candles and glass. When hubby and I were first married these candles came with. Over the last tens years I have weeded through our supply and we actually had to go out and buy a few last year to be prepared for a possible hurricane (the FL ones, not here in IN!). I read that a lot of wicks contain lead (although I think here really lately, they are phasing those out) and I wasn't all about that.

People give candles though and I do have one or two jar candles hanging around. When I re did the bathroom last month, I decided to re do the candle that usually hangs out in there. It is never burnt, so I'm not sure why it gets to stay around. Now it will stay because it's cute and matches the shadow box frame I constructed.

This project involves modge podge and scrapbook supplies.

Before: The candle is the right color, but the label on front is blah.

First I modge podged on a blue piece of scrapbook paper that I had added a rubbing of a shell to first. It was one of those that looks like a sticker, but you have to use a popsicle stick to get it to rub off onto the paper.

add a bow.... hmmmm... It's not looking great.

Right on top of the blue paper, I added a tan piece and rubbed on three shells. Another layer of modge podge and we are good to go. The three shells in a row match the frame.

I don't know if the ribbon is a keeper, but I sure like this candle much better than before. You could add a child's artwork, a printed photo (maybe not a print, but like a computer print out), a love note, or something sweet for a nice teacher or friend gift. Teachers never have enough candles (ha!).

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