Sunday, November 8, 2009

sneak peak- Lou's christmas blocks

Our nature center has a set of natural blocks that Lou loves to play with . They look like this, this, and this. They are made from cuts of logs and then have been sanded really smooth. They don't have any finish. That seems easy enough, I can do that. I started out today with our firewood pile and a handsaw. Not working.

When I got out the circular saw, things got moving. I now have a pile of blocks. I am searching for a sanding belt to use to sand these suckers. I think it might have to wait until Thanksgiving. I think there is one in my grandpa's workshop. If it's not there, I'll be sending them home with my dad to work on.

I think I needed to measure so that they stack well (like I see here)..... If this doesn't work out, I'll be ordering these.

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Dad said...

Yes---the circular saw was the answer...the other saw is for cutting metal...we should be able to do them at Grandma's...if not, I can take them home and do them...When to you think you'll be at Grandma's

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